[Pharo-dev] Easy issue to fix: 12063

btc at openinworld.com btc at openinworld.com
Tue Dec 17 10:24:20 EST 2013

Marcus Denker wrote:
> This is a nice issue for someone to do that wants to start with something simple:
> 12063 ConfigurationBrowser window about message is wrong (and dated)
> 	https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/12063
I'll have a go at it, but I'd like some wider discussion as its turned 
up something new for me to learn...

Interestingly the text-at-issue does not appear when searching the 
source with Finder.

I traced it to...
    comment ifNil: [^ ''].
    ^ comment string ifNil: ['']

where `comment` is a RemoteString such that evaluating the following in 
a Workspace...
| sourceFileNumber filePositionHi theFile|
sourceFileNumber := 2.
filePositionHi := 11619939.
theFile := (SourceFiles at: sourceFileNumber) readOnlyCopy.
    ^ [ filePositionHi > theFile size ifTrue: [
        self error: 'RemoteString past end of file' ].
        theFile position: filePositionHi.
        theFile nextChunk] ensure: [ theFile close ]

returns the text-at-issue, and where `theFile` is...

So to proceed my naive reaction would be to add the required text to be 
returned by a class method (feedback anyone?)

but, I am really curious...
* how is it likely that this situation came about?
* is it common to be grabbing text like this from the changes file?

cheers, Ben

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