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3 questions in one day… we are getting famous ;-)

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> 3 new questions in pharo filter on stackexchange.com
> How to print an integer to transcript
> I've tried the code |myNum| myNum := SmallInteger new: 0. Transcript show: (myNum printString). , but Pharo crashes upon running this code.
> Tagged: smalltalk pharo	 by Grant on stackoverflow.com
> OO-design issue
> I have a system where I have to model a household, which has a TVSubscription. This can either be a digital one, or an analog one. A user logs into a SetTopBox. He can then rent Movies. So the ...
> Tagged: oop smalltalk pharo	 by Christophe De Troyer on stackoverflow.com
> Is there a way to swap control and alt keys in Pharo3.0?
> I was trying to get pharo3.0 to try develop with it. i was wondering what happened to the Settings swapControlAndAltKeys. Is there a way to achieve the goal without that settings?
> Tagged: pharo	 by G R Thushar on stackoverflow.com
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