[Pharo-dev] News entries wanted for Pharo website

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Sun Dec 15 14:34:58 EST 2013


We are posting news entries on Pharo.org (and twitter + google plus)… often it is easy to transform an
email announcement into a news entry, but sometimes it takes quite an effort.

So if you want your news to be published, please send a short text + a picture or link to youtube for
the pharo news feed. It’s much easier to post something that needs no brain power than something where
one needs to think how to announce it so it makes sense…


	-> if you announce something via mail, send me (or to the list, or add an issue tacker entry)(
            a version to be put on pharo.org
	-> if you have something where you wonder why this was never put there, do the same ;-)


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