[Pharo-dev] Image frozen on Socket>>waitForConnectionFor: timeout ifTimedOut: timeoutBlock

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Thu Dec 12 08:32:35 EST 2013

Hi guys, 

I'm having an issue..

What happens?

The image UI gets frozen when terminating a thread that's waiting on that method

What I've discovered so far?

seaside /config responds (but nothing else)
restarting the UI process results to no avail
terminating the process (selected in that screenshot) freezes everything but..
debugging works and..
when I debug and close the debugger freezes everything, but..
if instead I evaluate with an inspector the block 

[(status = WaitingForConnection) and: [(msecsEllapsed := Time millisecondsSince: startTime) < msecsDelta]]

it answers false and closing the dbugger after that leaves the system normal (meaning that if I terminate the process after that, it doesn't freeze and all go as expected)

Still working on it..

Help and ideas appreciated

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