[Pharo-dev] could we stop to create spaghetti code?

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Thu Dec 12 06:25:45 EST 2013

> I think the idea here is that maybe a class should have an icon. Independend of Nautilus.\
> (either just icon or toolIcon).
> 	Marcus

In a great environment you have icons and icon-sets defined by UX/UI designers. 

If we couple too much to code we'll create a barrier for that.

If Nautilus (or whatever other browser) wants to display icons in classes and packages (which I found great) it should itself provide the code for that without system intrusion/pollution for the sake of being lazy 




WhoeverDisplaysTheClassListItems>>iconFor: aClass
	"Returns the icon for aClass or a default icon"

	^ aNautilusIconSet 
		at: Integer
		ifAbsent:[self defaultIcon]

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