[Pharo-dev] Tell me about your workflow

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Wed Dec 11 09:43:16 EST 2013

Le 11/12/2013 15:18, Sebastian Sastre a écrit :
> Are you using git with your Pharo based software?


> If you do, are you using filetree?

gitfiletree (it uses the filetree code path for writing, and a git 
archive path for reading)

> I ask because I'm worried about scale.
> I have packages (in the order of hundreds of classes) and save delays
> and package click delays are starting to demand patience in a way that
> doesn't feel like the right path

Which operations ? I didn't remember noticing much with 179 classes on a 
laptop without a SSD.

> All that is with a SSD disk, otherwise save delays would be /way/ beyond
> unacceptable

I'd like to know more, and understand the reason, for sure. As far as I 
know, filetree will rewrite the whole package to disk everytime... and 
maybe optimising that could be the solution.


> sebastian <https://about.me/sebastianconcept>
> o/

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