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Juraj Kubelka juraj.kubelka at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 16:14:42 EST 2013

Hi, I think to do package filter feature apparent by adding “info button”. See the attached picture. When clicked on the info button, help dialog will appear. What do you think? 

Can someone give me ideas how to implement it? What classes I should be interested, etc.


El 08-12-2013, a las 12:33, Alexandre Bergel <alexandre.bergel at me.com> escribió:

> Hi All,
> You may have noticed that Nautilus now has a search bar next to the list of packages. I personally find this extremely useful. This is the work of Juraj and he is interested in hearing your feedback. 
> The textfield accepts regular expression. It means that entering “Roassal” will display all the packages having the word “Roassal” in it (e.g., RoassalExtra, ConfigurationOfRoassal). If I enter “^Roassal”, it displays all the packages that begin with “Roassal”. (e.g., RoassalExtra).
> Any idea how to make this feature more apparent? Anything else you want to see with the searching in the browser?
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
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