[Pharo-dev] Systemtools and roadmap for pharo3

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Tue Dec 10 02:09:16 EST 2013

> Hi there,
> I have a couple of questions about Systemtools (Messagebrowser, Browser, Changesorter ...).
> Is there roadmap for pharo3, on what are you working, what should work for the next release.

Basically everything inheriting from CodeHolder should get rewritten.
MessageBrowser was rewritten but before Spec, ChangeSorter with Spec but it should be improved.

> I filed (and fixed) some bugs. And have some more. But I don't want to
> do this if some of the tools may be deprecated or will be replaced. 


> I read the Pharo2 and 3 changelog, but I am still unsure, and before
> I make unneeded bug reports:
> There are some bugs on MessageBrowser:
> Time stamp from source/byte code /time stamp-combo doesn't work.
	We should fix messagebrowser because it is important and may be one day we will rewrite it.

> MessageBrowser doesn't play well with RGCommentDefinition as search results:
> Textpanel tries to parse comments as code (this is an old bug, even recent squeak versions)
> Browse senders/Implementers doesn't make sense /doesn't work for comments
> Browse Version does not work for comments
> No menu on comment entries.
> MNU if exactly one entry is found
> Some of these issues aren't new and there were already discussions 
> for the older FlatMessageList.(issue 5860). 

	Yes sadly we got distracted. 

> Work on dualchangesorter seems to be half-done (menu-handling broken).
> (no one uses dualchangesorter nowadays?)

	Apparently. But I use it and I started to fix the Menu of the changeSorter and I should finish
	then work on the DualChangeSorter but no time for that. 

> It distract me a bit that the completion menu *in spotlight* shows codecompletion
> that *spotlight can not find* (class vars for example).
> and more.

	One pass should be done to improve ecompletion.
	Then indeed merging spotlight logic and ecompletion would be good. 

> I am not a total novice, but more than most of you.  And so I may 
> stumble across some issues, that you don't encounter in your workflow.
> (Otherwise I can not explain why there are no bug reports for these issues :-).

	Because people have different workflow. I systematically report bugs. 

> Am I free in reporting all kind of bugs or is this "too much noise".

	No if there are bugs there are.

> Btw, what about Pharo2.0, is this release freezed, or can/should issues be
> reported and fixed for Pharo2.0 as well?
	Pharo 20 is frozen. Only **severe** bugs are retro pushed.

	We should improve 3.0 so thanks for any bug fixes.

> regards
> Nicolai

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