[Pharo-dev] Smalltalk in a C World

kilon alios kilon.alios at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 01:51:18 EST 2013

I agree 100% with you, it takes like no effort to fine one of the millions
of online sexy looking template and there like tons of apps out there that
can autogenerate good looking websites.

But then I find this much , much worse -> http://java.com/en/ . Sure it
looks more current but really ? Is that the best mega-company like Oracle
can do. No because as it seems this is the same site they inherited from
Sun. Actually as far I remember Java from back into 2000 that I was aware
of its existence , the website has only slightly changed.

Actually I know of no language that has a very well designed web site.
Taking full advantage of HMTL5 and the current technology. But I like Pharo
website none the less.

Java Hyped !!! What ? Are you serious ? Java - C++ - Javascript is the
triangle of hate. Back in 2000 + was an army of blog posts of how dead Java
is and still you can see articles of how much people dont like these
languages. Not that I blame them , but I always kinda liked Java.

Hype is not the same thing as popular. I think the most Hyped language by
far is Lisp , nothing can touch its hype. You could even believe that Lisp
can cure cancer.  I really like Lisp, but its over-hyped none the less. I
had to try lisp because of how much overwhelmed I was by people saying how
much of a great language it is. Learning Java was curiosity on the ground
how popular it became and how fast. I never heard anyone describe Java as

Actually the most hyped thing about Java is Clojure, guess what Clojure is
, yeap Lisp :D

"But Smalltalk is (at least to me) not interesting because it is a
programming language - it is interesting because it is a dynamic object
system that is easily changeable (including metamodel and language itself)."

I could not agree more. I came for the IDE, I feel in love with live
coding. Beatiful, makes coding 10 times more fun and very productive.

But I have to say Smalltalk really does justice to its name. Its a Small
language but also everything feels like you Talk-ing to objects, I really
like this conversation with my computer , If I could remove case sensitive
it would be 100% natural for me. So yes definetly there is not much in the
language to be surprised about but in the end that element of least
surprise is what make Smalltalk a great choice for me.

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 1:46 PM, Marcus Denker <marcus.denker at inria.fr>wrote:

> On 09 Dec 2013, at 11:37, Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Kilon wrote:
> >> dlls alone wont be enough , plugins are compiled against a runtime or
> specific libraries (a Plugin SDK) and Smalltalk MT
> >> would have to be able to do that in order to be a viable solution.
> >
> > You can be sure it can :)
> >
> > Clement wrote:
> >> How can people even know Smalltalk MT still exist with their website and
> >> their communication ?
> >
> > If you follow the hype and advertising you go to Java - if you search
> > for something more powerful you search for it and will find Smalltalk.
> >
> You search and you find a website that convinces you that Smalltalk it
> indeed
> dead.
>         Marcus
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