[Pharo-dev] Smalltalk in a C World

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 14:35:21 EST 2013

2013/12/9 Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de>:
> Esteban wrote:
>> I'd prefer ObjectConnect shutdown their website rather than having that.
>> And, at certain degree the same applies to my beloved ObjectArts and
>> its Dolphin masterpiece.
> What a nonsense - why should they shutdown their site if it is valuable
> to provide infos and new downloads to their customers?

I can't shutdown anything that's not mine. And that's perfectly fine.
The point is that, IMHO, for the Smalltalk community it's counterproductive.

It's my opinion, I don't want you to share it :)

> If you want to shut down any page that is not up-to date you may have
> to shut down a big part of the internet.

Nothing sells less and causes more rejection than an outdated site.
Particularly if it is about programming.

> But Smalltalk is (at least to me) not interesting because it is a
> programming language - it is interesting because it is a dynamic object
> system that is easily changeable (including metamodel and language itself).

We agree on this. And that's why we're here.

> And Pharo should not stop changing this object system until something new
> and better comes out of it...

If you want to reach broader audiences I'm 100% confident that you
need not only a good product, but also good marketing assets.

Though I never used it, I know the benefits of S/MT because I'm a long
time smalltalker, but what about somebody who's evaluating other
alternatives? Will a Company invest a million dollar (or a hundred at
least) in a product built with a technology whose website is like
ObjectConnect's one?

I know this business runs on hype for a good part, but some things are
just unavoidable.


pd: I rather don't continue this here, it's hardly Pharo related.
Pharo is doing a good job in this aspect, or at least much better than
many predecessors.

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