[Pharo-dev] Smalltalk in a C World

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Dec 9 05:37:19 EST 2013

Kilon wrote:
>dlls alone wont be enough , plugins are compiled against a runtime or specific libraries (a Plugin SDK) and Smalltalk MT 
>would have to be able to do that in order to be a viable solution. 

You can be sure it can :)

Clement wrote:
>How can people even know Smalltalk MT still exist with their website and
>their communication ?

If you follow the hype and advertising you go to Java - if you search
for something more powerful you search for it and will find Smalltalk.

Same for ST/MT - if you need something more specific (like building DLLs, COM
components, access DirectX/OpenGL, ... and stay with Smalltalk you may
end up at their system. 
I know several projects using MT, it is also used for games (like Aura - Fate of the Ages).

Note that also other Smalltalks are able to build DLLs like Dolphin, ST/X and SmallScript.


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