[Pharo-dev] Smalltalk in a C World

Friedrich Dominicus frido at q-software-solutions.de
Mon Dec 9 05:09:32 EST 2013

kilon alios <kilon.alios at gmail.com> writes:

> Sort answer is no , Pharo does not try to replace C/C++. CAD plugins
> are indeed dlls and you will need C/C++ for that. I only Know Free
> Pascal as another language to generate DLLs but even in that case its
> extra work. 
> So if you look for the most direct solution then Pharo wont cut it and
> probably most other programming languages.
> Theoretically of course its possible , but someone would need to
> implement this to make it easy to do and currently AFAIK none has. 
> Bare in mind that DLLs are strictly a C/C++ invention and definitely
> not how highly dynamic languages like Pharo work so there is no direct
> need for Pharo to do such thing cause it would complicate the
> workflow. 
I don't this is entirely true. AFAIKT Except Smalltalk can be used for
generateing DLLs. However they are "compiling" to C AFAIKT. I'm quite
sure that one can use ObjectArts Smalltalk also to generate niche Active
X and I bet also shared libraries. 


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