[Pharo-dev] It would be too expensive to add a description for packages in Configuration Browser?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Dec 8 16:36:42 EST 2013

> I agree (see attached screenshot). I have added the button but the thing is: Package can be fetched from the repository, but there is no package description. There are only textual descriptions of commits.

If you have a look at the packages I maintain I added catalog metadata to htem and I generate automatically 

Now this would require to load all the configruatiion files in the images and this is not what you want. 

> So anyone see any workaround here?

What we could do is to extend the catalog builder server to emit STON files in addition to the html one
and the browser could just load these files without having to download all the configurationOf.

If somebody want to help, the code of the catalog builder is available and the jenkins job up and running

> I would rather see:
>  1. Either a simple hosted seaside app "Pharo Store" that one can use to
>     register a config for a specific pharo version (similar like squeakmap)
>     maybe directly from the STHub interface with description, ...
>     This app can be queried by the config browser (JSON/XML/Fuel/...)
>     to display infos on the package, maybe also a rating about downloads, ...
>  2. Or a general mechanism that loads the configs, runs tests and if
>     OK provides them for the config browser as "yes these config really work"
> Absolutely. Configurations should be certified.
> Hernán
> <Configuration browser.png>

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