[Pharo-dev] Smalltalk in a C World

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Sun Dec 8 15:47:41 EST 2013

On 08 Dec 2013, at 21:44, Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de> wrote:

>> Is Smalltalk/MT still "alive"?
> Yes - still alive and kicking. But I'm sure you did not notice since there 
> are no "big" announcements or advertising for it.

For me this is a nice way of saying “its dead”.

> ObjectConnect follows the "time is better invested into technology" strategy.
> It is one of the most interesting Smalltalks ever implemented. 
> The newest ST/MT 6.3 version (now 64 bit) is from end of November 2013
and nobody thinks that this needs to be announced?

I really do not understand.


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