[Pharo-dev] A Push to clear the issue tracker...

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Fri Dec 6 05:32:15 EST 2013


With the end of the year close and a relase of Pharo3 planed for March… it is the right time to
clean the issue tracker.

-> Have a look at all the issues assigned to you. All current? Some action that can be done? Will you really work on it?

-> Double check *all* issues that you submitted. 
	- Is it maybe already fixed? 
	- did someone ask you a question? 
	- Is it really an issue for the public tracker? An issue tracker is not a personal TODO list!

-> Double check that all bugs you know do actually have an issue tracker entry. 

-> Try to fix one or two little things over christmas holidays.
    We have less open bugs than subscribers to this list….


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