[Pharo-dev] Committing slices to Pharo30Inbox still doesn't work for me

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu Dec 5 02:10:27 EST 2013

It would be nice if someone else but me could do this… small things like this can suck away *all* time
if only one person does them.

(and no, I *never* had problems to submit a slice…)

On 04 Dec 2013, at 20:54, Stephan Eggermont <stephan at stack.nl> wrote:

> Here’s a new slice, the corresponding packages are in the inbox.
> <SLICE-Issue-12324-There-should-be-no-class-side-implementations-of-packages-except-for-ClassDescription-StephanEggermont.2.mcz>

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