[Pharo-dev] [ANN] Roassal 3d

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Dec 4 14:06:36 EST 2013

Hi Alexandre, Ronie, Milton,

first: this is a cool project!

Then a few comments:

  1.  When using the script in a fresh Pharo3.0 Latest update: #30620 it complains:
      This package depends on the following classes:
      You must resolve these dependencies before you will be able to load these definitions: 

     Nonetheless one can proceed and it loads

  2. If I use the samples from the tutorial PDF and copy them into a Pharo
     workspace they are not accepted by Pharo - looks like an encoding issue in the PDF
     (when copying from Adobe PDF viewer on Windows into Pharo)

     When I type the samples manually they work

  3. Providing a script is so "old style" and hard to remember - why not define a #stable
     and put your config into MetaRepoForPharo30
     So others can easily load it via ConfigurationBrowser with a few clicks in a fresh image.

  4. Did I already told you that this is a cool project?

  5. See 4.


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