[Pharo-dev] Responsible development

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Dec 2 14:27:48 EST 2013

>>> We try now to have responsive UIs in the sense the tools like Nautilus try to 
>>> run things in a separate thread.
>>> I will do an experiment and fork each Nautilus opening to see if it can save my ass :P
>> :)
>> personnally I would be really against because just forking is just a way to have a lot more mess in the future.
> Why ?

Because you do not know when you invariants should hold. Normally you expect them to hold once the system is loaded.
Because loading for example act as an atomic action when you modify the system. Now if your thread can see and modify
different versions of the state be prepared to have really strange and difficult bugs to find. 

I prefer to have cache than to have forked processes around. 


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