[Pharo-dev] method vs. selector consistency?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Aug 29 03:09:25 EDT 2013

methodsInCategory: aName 
	"Answer a list of the methods of the receiver that are in category named aName"
	| aColl |
	aColl := Set withAll: (self organization listAtCategoryNamed: aName).
	^ aColl asArray sort

allMethodsInCategory: aName 
	"Answer a list of all the methods of the receiver and all its 
	superclasses that are in the category named aName"
	| aColl |
	aColl := OrderedCollection new.
	self withAllSuperclasses do: [:aClass | 
		aColl addAll: (aClass organization listAtCategoryNamed: aName) ].
	^ aColl asSet asArray sort

	^ self methodsInCategory: Protocol unclassified

all these methods returns selectors and not compiled methods.

So I would like to rename them accordingly.
What do you think?


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