[Pharo-dev] Grease conflicts #packages with RPackage

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 13:12:46 EDT 2013

Hi guys,

I was trying to build a new image with latest Pharo 2.0 with all the
frameworks I use. While installing, I get a dnu in:

packageFromOrganizer: anRPackageOrganizer
"This method returns the package this method belongs to.
It takes into account classes and traits.
If the method is in no package, returns nil by now"
self flag: 'TODO: use anRPackageOrganizer, or better delegate to
^self origin packages
detect: [ :each |
(each includesSelector: self selector ofClassName: self origin
theNonMetaClass originalName)
or: [ each includesSelector: self selector ofMetaclassName: self origin
theNonMetaClass originalName]]
ifNone: [ nil ]

because "each" (which was GRPackage) dnu #includesSelector:ofClassName:

Problem is that "self origin" answers GRPackage. And GRPackage DOES
implement a CLASS side method #packages that answers instances of
GRPackage.....not RPackage...

So...which one do we prefix? GRPackage class #packages to #greasePackages?

BTW, there are yet more class side implementations of #packages, which are
basically subclasses for the HelpSystem (CustomHelp). So we have for
example SUnitAPIDocumentation, RegexAPIDocumentation, ProfStefAPIHelp,
HelpAPIDocumentation, AnnouncementsAPIDocumentation.

Guess we should update the HelpSystem as well?

Let me know and I open issues/submit fixes.


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