[Pharo-dev] Debugger recursion

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 10:33:28 EDT 2013

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 11:18 AM, jan.struz <public+pharo at struz.cz> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a solution for the recursion in Pharo 2.0. (For those subclassing
> ProtoObject, of course :-) )
> If the subclass of ProtoObject implements #class, then the Debugger is
> happy
> (will open a debugger).
> #class is the first message sent by Debugger, to continue with full
> debugger
> & deeper inspecting the instance, one have to implement the rest -
> #isMemberOf: #isKindOf: #inspectorClass #printStringLimitedTo:
> #longPrintOn:limitedTo:indent: #defaultLabelForInspector
> #longPrintStringLimitedTo: (minimal set)
> All of these messages pops up in debugger as MNU, and I am able to debug
> it.
> (I hope this will be useful for someone...)
> In the latest Pharo 3.0 (30351), implementing the first message (here it is
> #printStringLimitedTo:) is not enough, I have to implement another methods
> (ex. #inspector) and in addition #basicSize and #-> (in short, all of them,
> needed by debugger).
> Without that, I am not able to debug it. The good thing in Pharo3 is, that
> the image is responding, and I can see what is happening in ProcessBrowser
> and so, without interrupting.
> Mariano, the Ghost proxies are really great, only I think the logging
> should
> be optional and turned off by default. So it could be referenced by another
> project and ready to use.

Indeed. I thought it was disabled by default.

> It's interesting to see the (no)difference between the debuggingMessages in
> Ghost, and these needed for ProtoObject subclass... :-)
It seems you were not the first fighting with that :)
Maybe it's time to document all this by having integrated in the image a
DebuggeableProtoObject? Subclass of ProtoObject and implementing the needed
Those that could be implemented, can be implemented and those that would
depend on the usage, could be implemented as "self subclassResponsability".
But what is important is that such a class will document the needed methods
in order to proper debug/inspect subclasses of ProtoObject.


> Igor, you are right, the possibility to break something is not a bug,
> indeed
> :-) I know.
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