[Pharo-dev] Recent VM for Pharo 2 on Ubuntu 8.04

Jan Vrany jan.vrany at fit.cvut.cz
Wed Aug 28 08:19:29 EDT 2013

On 28/08/13 12:54, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:
> for older systems, you are by your own. Is like that, yes.
> We cannot maintain all VM for all possible configurations. Nobody can do that, not even canonical, less us. Ubuntu 8.04 is just too old.
> Even JVM is not supported on Ubuntu 8.04: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/config-417990.html
> (latest is 10.04... which we support, or intent to at least)
> Also... we are not oracle, we have more limited resources.
> So , is not a workaround. Is the only reasonable solution: every software provider in earth supports a limited amount of system configurations, usually from some years ago, we provide at least the sources, instructions and support in the form of help/answering questions.

This is not the only instance of the problem.
If I'm not much mistaken, same problem has been recently reported for 
Debian 7
(Laszlo Zsolt KIss, 08/08/13 10:43). As Andres pointed out (08/08/13 
14:40), it's libc is 17 months old. The proposed "solution" was the same 
- recompile on target system.

To make me clear, I have no problem if you say "Sorry, we don't support
anything older than 12 months. Or 3 years. Or ...". I just don't think
that asking people to recompile whenever there is glibc dependency 
problem is "real solution".

I'm very sorry for starting this pointless discussion.

>>> we can offer support (but should be pretty straight forward, specially in linux systems).
>>> I disagree with the solution proposed in (2), the cost of maintaining such approach would be exponential.
>> No, not really. There aren't many of those (at least, weren't in my case) and I found out that sometimes I could do better (faster) job :-)
> you are invited to provide your working version, it would be cool for everybody :)

Unfortunately, I've done it for a different VM :-)

Best, Jan

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