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Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
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Great idea!


On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 8:31 AM, Alexandre Bergel
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> Dear colleagues and friends,
> We are happy to announce the First Visualization Contest with Roassal.
> What can I win?
> - 150 euros, sponsored by ObjectProfile
> - a über-cool ObjectProfile T-shirt and some wonderful stickers
> - maximum publicity of your work
> - a nice award certificate, delivered during ESUG
> How can I win?
> - you have to produce a visualization with Roassal. You can use the Pharo,
> VisualWorks or VAST version of Roassal. Here is an example of what we
> expect http://bit.ly/sunburstDemo
> - making a video is mandatory. The video will weight the most in our
> decision. The video could be of any length and has to include your name and
> say that is was made (partly or completely) with Roassal. No need to talk,
> just show off!
> - making your code available and easy to install will help you get more
> points
> How can I submit?
> - send the links of your video and other material (if needed) to
> info at objectprofile.com Every email you will send to this email will be
> acknowledged. If you do not receive a 'Ok' from us, it means we haven't
> read it, in that case send your email again after a few days.
> - the deadline for submitting is September 4, 2013
> Mini FAQ?
> - Is the object-profile team allowed to participate? No
> - Should my visualization or code be open source? No need for this,
> whatever license is fine. However your video should be made public.
> - How can I get more information? Just comment on the facebook
> https://www.facebook.com/ObjectProfile or using Twitter @ObjectProfile or
> send email to info at objectprofile.com
> - What I submit twice? Yes, no problem with that
> - How will judge the videos? both the esug community and the object
> profile team. The Esug community will have 30% of the final grade, object
> profile the remaining 70%
> --
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> Alexandre Bergel
> http://ObjectProfile.com
> http://www.bergel.eu
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