[Pharo-dev] I would prefer to see the diff from Smalltalkhub than Git commits

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Aug 18 04:15:23 EDT 2013

On Aug 17, 2013, at 9:54 PM, Camillo Bruni <camillobruni at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2013-08-17, at 21:26, Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr> wrote:
>>> nope, the smalltalk hub diffs are clearly minor
>>> - they are auto generate, no manual intervention needed to send them
>>> - they are only sent if the build succeeds
>>> - they include valuable information
>> like what?
> I see exactly which classes and methods were touched with little effort.

I do not see the point to get a list of selectors.

> Which saves me clicks on each package and then browsing through the diff on smalltalkhub.
This is ok now I do not think that we should continue to send these mails to the list because there are not diff
but list of selectors so they have much lower added values. 

I would be curious to know how many people systematically click on one link to see a change.
This is why I would like to avoid to force people to put filter on their mailing-list.  

>>> - the github repository is the place where you go to find changes, it's simply impossible to figure out when something broke on smalltalkhub since you cannot compare multiple packages over multiple times
>> I do not to go to github to see the diff because I will not do it and I want to see the code modified.
> because?

Because this is what I want. I want to see the changes right in the mails in front of my nose.
It works well in Squeak so I do not see why it would not work for Pharo.

>> It worked really well in the squeak mailing-list we did not do it because squeaksource was on its knees.
>> Nicolas will fix SmalltalkHub diff and I will see how the script loader can send the diffs
> I guess it's a matter of taste. I know that I need the git sources to properly find bugs that were introduced by some faulty version.
> And usually I control each changes made to classes I maintain, which is very easy to do for me when looking at the changes mail sent from github since I see the touched methods on classes.
> A full diff, like what is done for VM-maker, is a bit too much for me, especially when it comes in pure text form (compared to for instance what I see on github?)

Probably true but this is another scenario. The scenario I want to see exercised is: more people look directly in the actual changes.


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