[Pharo-dev] inria jenkins got much faster

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Wed Aug 14 05:43:35 EDT 2013


I just noticed that the Jenkins jobs got much faster. For example, the
Moose job went from 36 minutes to 6 minutes. Or the Glamour job went from
11 minutes to 3 minutes. This is fantastic, but I do not know why the
difference occurs.

It seems that the difference started yesterday before 15:00:
https://ci.inria.fr/moose/job/moose-latest-dev-4.8/871/ (15:49 -- 6 min)
https://ci.inria.fr/moose/job/moose-latest-dev-4.8/870/ (02:49 -- 36 min)

As it affected multiple jobs, I suspect it has to do with the

Anyone has any idea as to why this happens?



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