[Pharo-dev] The point of extending NativeBoost-Win32 more than neccessary?

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 09:22:10 EDT 2013

Hi, Torsten, all

i greatly appreciate your help and contribution, so don't take my
critics as destructive , please :)

The main reason for NativeBoost-Win32 package existence is to contain
minimal necessary platform-dependent things,
which would allow to support NativeBoost functionality.

But you adding more and more things, which not strictly related to NB
per se, but more like general accessibility to system etc.

The test question what should and what should not belong to this
package is: 'will NB run without it or not?'.

So, try answering this question for classes and methods like:

Please, do not misunderstand: i would certainty prefer such (and many
other) things to be easily accessible, and working , when i need them.
But to my thinking they are not belong to NB core, and should be moved
to separate package (or project?).

We should decide where, because if we keep going like that, eventually
NativeBoost-Win32 will cover whole Win32 API
and will make us responsible for maintaining it, something which i
frankly don't have time nor resources to do.

P.S. yes, i guilty that i started this by adding classes like
NBWin32Window and couple more.
But that was serving more as examples and minimal support for NBOpenGL
to create offscreen window & opengl context.
That was a mistake.. and we should not continue like that.

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko.

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