[Pharo-dev] Uniformizing Pharo

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Aug 12 16:08:05 EDT 2013

Hi guys

I started to be fed up about protocol inconsistencies. So I will propose a set of rules (and a tool - I'm working on it) to automatically categorize methods.
The first on the list was printOn: in printing and I clean many methods already with a kind of happy smile on my face.

Now we discussed today with esteban for initialize* we will use 'initialization'
I hope that this is ok for you because I'm fed up to have the following: 

	{269->'initialization'. 248->'initialize-release'. 48->'as yet unclassified'. 15->'accessing'. 14->'private'. 12->'initializing'. 2->'instance creation'. 2->'testing'. 2->'initalize-release'. 2->'protocol'. 2->'display'. 1->'cleaning'. 1->'intializing'. 1->'like fullCopy'. 1->'keymapping'. 1->'ui-building'. 1->'initialize - release'. 1->'initialization-release'. 1->'intialize'. 1->'styling'. 1->'scrolling'. 1->'morphic ui'. 1->'world state'. 1->#'parts bin'}

Please enjoy this gift from life, I love so much 'like fullCopy' as a category for initialize that I'm a bit sad to 
clean this kind of poem (minimal haiku) so we will keep it for us :)

Yes there is no little steps to get a bright system, every little clean is stop.

No broken window! No dirt on the floor in Pharo. 


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