[Pharo-dev] Large images reasons [WAS] Re: [Pharo-users] Pharo 2.0 with Seaside + DBXTalk + GlorpDBX + Magritte 3 + TWBS is getting slower and slower

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Thu Aug 1 13:22:01 EDT 2013

I got a pretty large number with these announcements... provided nothing
special is running at the moment...

Announcement allSubInstances size. 14120


(Announcement allSubInstances collect: [ :a | a class ]) asSet a
Set(WindowOpened WindowLabelled WindowClosed KMCompleteMatch TestSuiteEnded


ann:=(Announcement allSubInstances collect: [ :a | a class ]) asSet.

ann do: [  :each | Transcript nextPutAll: each className; nextPut: $:;
nextPutAll: each allInstances size printString;cr].

Transcript flush.

WindowOpened class:WindowOpened class:953
WindowOpened class:956
WindowLabelled class:11837
WindowClosed class:1345
KMCompleteMatch class:6
TestSuiteEnded class:1
ClassRemoved class:1

Well, 11837 for WindowLabelled is quite large.

Hope it gives a hint.

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