[Pharo-dev] Windows problem with FilePlugin ?

Benjamin Benjamin.VanRyseghem.Pharo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 07:01:46 EDT 2013

On my image, when opened in Windows, opening the File Browser leads to a red square of death :s

And using the UIManager to popup the file picker leads to an infinite loop of halt :s

Do you experienced that too ?

Can people using windows try the following line:

(FileSystem disk root) directories

This gives me C:, D:, F:, G: where actually only C: and G: are present…

It seems to come from

[ entry isNil ]
	whileFalse: [
		entry at: 1 put: (Primitives decode: entry first).
		aBlock value: entry.
		index := index + 1.
		entry := Primitives lookupEntryIn: encodedPathString index: index ].

So I would say it comes from the primitives.


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