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Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Thu Sep 6 11:30:51 EDT 2012

Below is a blog post and my reply... If anyone has anything to add, here's
the link...

> As I mentioned in my previous posting I at last have found now some time
> to do actually some “serious” work with Pharo.
> Here are some thoughts – just to write down my first impressions:
> Pharo 1.4
> I do most of the stuff with Pharo 1.4 for now and here some points in the
> developer GUI:
> * multiple selection in the browser does not work – this was pretty boring
> * creating accessor methods for instance attributes is not speedy and
> takes too much clicks
> * then I looked for a setting framework and I was really surprised to see,
> how difficult it was – or at least the documentation I read about it.
> After working with the setting framework of VASmalltalk I would prefer the
> simple approach than a perhaps even more powerful approach.
> Pharo 2.0 and Nautilus
> I also had a look at Pharo 2.0 – and I have MANY,MANY problems with its
> new browser: “Nautilus”. The reason for my problems is the way they create
> the GUI: the buttons do not show the actual state of the GUI, but they
> show what will happen, when the button is pressed !!!
> This is a radical approach changing the whole GUI and make it very
> difficult to understand. Perhaps this is due to the fact, that they have
> no suitable GUI elements (like two state buttons) for supporting this GUI
> interaction.
> The visual appearance is in my view always in a conflict state.
> Then I look at buttons here in my home and most of these buttons are
> on/off buttons. The possible values of these buttons are know prior to the
> user – this is different to the buttons of Nautilus, where you perhaps do
> not know the other state ( Groups Packages ).
> The on/off switch of my computer is a reverse-state button, but there is a
> LED light, showing the actual state of the computer and the user know how
> to use the button.
> The on/off switch of my power-subsystem in my computer has also a two
> state button – but it shows the actual state (1 for on, 0 for off).

Thanks for the great feedback!

This is gold for the Pharo dev community. I encourage you to bring this
feedback to the dev list, or – even better – create issues, or (best option)
take on a few so we can integrate them!!

A few comments/questions:
* multiple selection in 1.4 – consider the browser in 1.4 to be legacy.
Nautilus will be the future browser in Pharo, and it will have multiple
* accessor creation – will you describe what steps you took (e.g. manual
creation, context menu (there are two possiblities here), etc)? If you
illustrate your ideal behavior, I will create an issue and push to include
it in Nautilus…
* Settings – I find this one *really* interesting. Will you highlight the
key differences to VA? Maybe we can improve the framework in Pharo, or at
minimum create a UI that makes things simpler and more straightforward for

Re Nautilus: it is not production-ready, which is why it was not included in
Pharo 1.4, but it is under heavy development by a great developer, Benjamin
VanRyseghem. He is very open to this type of feedback. Specifically, I
couldn’t agree more about the buttons!!! After months of using Nautilus, I
/still/ have no idea whether I’m on the class or instance side.

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