[Pharo-project] Emergency evaluator pops up on red tests

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Fri Mar 30 16:25:21 EDT 2012

PPPHPCoreGrammar ignoredNames 
	#('properties' 'parser' 'keywords')

browseSelectorsOn: aBrowser
	aBrowser list
		title: 'Productions';
		format: [ :class | class asString ];
		display: [ :class | 
			((((class allInstVarNames
				copyWithoutAll: class ignoredNames)
				copyWithoutAll: self rootClass allInstVarNames)
				collect: [ :each | each asSymbol ])
				select: [ :each | class includesSelector: each ])
				asSortedCollection ];
		selectionAct: [
				does not exist anymore in 1.4 I guess but this is should not be related to this bug.

				-> use 
					Smalltalk tools browser 

				browse: self selectedClass 
				selector: self selectedSelector ] 
			on: $b entitled: 'browse (b)';
		selectionAct: [
			| class selector |
			class := self selectedClass.
			selector := self selectedSelector.
			(class instVarNames includes: selector)
				ifTrue: [ class removeInstVarName: selector ].
			class removeSelector: selector.
			aBrowser entity: self rootModel.
			self selectedClass: class ]
			on: $r entitled: 'remove (x)'

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