[Pharo-project] 3D from the past

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Mon Mar 26 13:49:18 EDT 2012

Hello all,

The attached is something that I cobbled together using Squeak Alice (in Squeak 3.6).  Faced with this problem now, I would make 2D drawings in QCad, but at the time, I didn't have that option.  So I built some code that made it easy to put actors on "shelves" and then stack same, add some vertical posts, and boom.  It allowed me to see that the items in question (medical monitors, a computer, other junk) would actually fit on a cart I was planning to buy - visibility was high, so I didn't want any goof ups.

There are buttons to move/look up/down, zoom in/out, and to spin the object.  It was a nice way to visualize the pile of junk in question.

This is a simple example of things that I would like to be able to do with 3D: create some objects, put meshes on them, and render in a window.  Whether the objects are controlled by buttons or are flying around shooting each other would depend on the project and my mood.


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