[Pharo-project] Little challenge for you

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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This reminds me of a Dolphin feature called IDE extensions.  Presenters trigger an event (IIRC off of their class) when the open, and menus and commands trigger events when they are about to do something interesting.  One can then easily add to an opening menu to add commands to it.

As a silly but relaxing example, I had an extension that played a random sound clip when a debugger opens.  It was easy with extensions, because I simply watched Debugger class for #open:aDebugger or whatever it is called, and then play the clip.  I have library of short/satirical clips that can add humor to debugging sessions.  More pragmatically, I had tools to help with creating acessors, compound instance creation methods, etc.  It can be a very powerful feature, and all it takes is trigging some events to enable it.

Dolphin makes the (IMHO **HUGE**) mistake of enabling extensions as they load.  For the sake of building a new image from packages, the extensions should load and then be explicitly activated once a stable new image exists and has received a backup copy in case changes to the new system cause havoc with the operation of the extension.

As was quoted recently, "if your ideas are any good, you will have the cram them down people's throats." :)


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Hi guys

I would love to be able to get the gofer expression automatically from the ui.
I click on a package and I ask load me expression and pouf I got a gofer expressions :)

Anybody wants to improve our tools?


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