[Pharo-project] Any theme or settings that will speed up a Pharo 1.3 image?

Camillo Bruni camillobruni at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 10:02:45 EDT 2012

On 2012-03-20, at 14:49, Stefan Marr wrote:

> On 20 Mar 2012, at 14:03, Camillo Bruni wrote:
>> On 2012-03-19, at 20:54, Marcus Denker wrote:
>>>> You used your own images for Pinocchio, or was Pinocchio just fast enough for the standard images?
>>> Pinnocio can't run the image... it's ("just ;-)") a compiler from smalltalk to binary code... the .exe then boostraps an image,
>>> but there is no support to persist that (nor support for all the primitives.. and no GC other than Boehm).
>> indeed ;) we tricked around the image :D
>> stefan, do you rely on a visual interface? (rhetorical question) ;)
> Well, I have a small class that does the startup handling for me and immediately runs the code I need.
> I did not want to spend the time to port your changes that I saw for 1.4.
> And I didnt want to look into Coral...

if you talk about the fixes for startup.. they have recently been ported to 1.3. which gives you some more stable/usable image for scripting.

> A simple 'diable transparence' or so, to get a 10x speed up would have been nice.
> But I guess that would really mean 'disable morphic' instead...

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