[Pharo-project] Any theme or settings that will speed up a Pharo 1.3 image?

Camillo Bruni camillobruni at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 18:24:09 EDT 2012

hi stefan,

maybe you can try yo profile all threads and see where it actually spends all the time?

WorldMenu / System / Start profiling all Processes


On 2012-03-18, at 12:57, Stefan Marr wrote:

> Hi:
> When trying to debug a Pharo image with a VM that is heavily instrumented with assertions and runs without any compiler optimizations turned on, it is crawlingly slow.
> (The good old MVC based image is blazingly fast in comparison)
> Are there any tricks to reduce/disable all the possibly fancy things like transparency, code completion, syntax highlighting easily?
> I already disable the code completion, and syntax highlighting.
> I also switched off things like animations, rounded corners, and switched to the Standard Squeak theme.
> Still, non of these cosmetic changes gave me the noticeable performance gain I had hoped for.
> Is there anything else I could try to reduce the amount of work the image is doing?
> It blinks the cursor in a text field in the speed I would expect.
> But as soon as I start typing, or try to interact with a window, it feels like I can go for a walk before the image is done.
> Thanks
> Stefan
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