[Pharo-project] Pharo 1.4 Tests-Unix vs. Pharo Kernel Reload Tests-Unix

Pavel Krivanek pavel.krivanek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 06:37:09 EDT 2012


good news. We have got the same amount of test failures in th job
Pharo Kernel Reload Tests-Unix as in the job Pharo 1.4 Tests-Unix


On the other had, they differ in one failing job. For the standard
Pharo the test named Tests.Monticello.MCFileInTest.testStWriter is
always failing but on reloaded Pharo this tests almost never fails
(sometimes yes).

For reloaded Pharo, the test named
Tests.Monticello.MCStWriterTest.testMethodDefinitionWithBangs is
failing. The reason is in empty string when you get some timeStamps:

(MCStWriterTest >> #methodWithBangs) timeStamp.

When I load the Tests package again, it works well.

-- Pavel

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