[Pharo-project] Increase populatity of Pharo by doing some Killer-OpenSource-Tools

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 9 07:05:38 EST 2012


i suspect, that the popularity of Pharo (or Smalltalk in general)
could be increased by developing some "Killer-OpenSource-Tools".
By "Killer-OpenSource-Tools" i think of Tools, e.g. for supporting the
Software-Development-Process in general. Moose of course could become
such a tool.
But i think of some standard Tools like Bug-Tracking/ Project Management.

Let me explain by a short example.
In a lot of projects i needed to use Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/)
as a Ticketing system.  Trac is a "simple" Python script to manage
Tasks/ Tickets, it is customizable and can be enhanced. But it is very
very ugly, configuration is very unhandy. We like to print tickets to
pin them to a whiteboard for use in daily scrum meetings. This and
additional reports are made by BIRT-Reports. Everything feels very
unstable but a lot of companies prefer Trac because of licensing
issues (e.g. Jira is better but commercial).
A simple and good looking Ticketing-System for use in an agile team
would be a good thing - it's a CRUD-Application with some Reporting
and maybe some eyecandy.

Another idea could be a Tool for organizing activities regarding
Softwaretests, e.g. generation of Testspecifications/ -plans and
reports on test-runs. I used TestLink (http://www.teamst.org/) but it
is ugly and unhandy too ...

Pier CMS could be a good solution for Intranets or Websites, but the
lack of Documentation keeps people from using it.

Is anyone interested in creating some OpenSource-Projects for use in a
wider range? Those Tools should look "sexy" and should be easy to try
(OneClick) or to install as a Service.


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