[Pharo-project] more Nautilus feed back

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Fri Mar 9 04:15:11 EST 2012

>> 1) OB had double-click action: show hierarchy. I miss it a lot :(
> If you activate the "open a class on hierarchy" setting, it does the same :)

why not by default and reduce setting (each time you kill a setting you can be happy).

>> Also, hierarchy button is too far away when I want to see the hierarchy... ok, if you don't want to add double click functionality... can it be a menu option? (show hierarchy (h)) 
> Maybe I should switch the group button and the hierarchy button. It will make more sense :)
>> Even worst: it swaps panels which is very confusing... but that leads to point 2 :)
> There are some good arguments to do that :) But I am quite fed up to tell them again and again ^^

but may be it means that people are right too :)

>> 2) swap panel configuration is not working for me in latest pharo 1.4
> Ie ? 
>> 3) I find "Class", "Instance" buttons very confusing. I liked more the older solution but well, I understand you want to improve visibility of comments, but then, I think class button would be better as a "toggle" button (those buttons who stays pressed)
> Do you have an example of such a button ?

Probably instance|Class and when you are on instance side the instance is pushed.

>> 5) OB had a #browserIcon method on classes who changed class icon on browser. This is really useful for knowing different types/hierarchies like errors, announcements, morphs, etc. Again, this collides with "uncommented" icon, but I would like to have them back... 
> There are icons for Morph/Erros/Announcements/Magnitude/String/Collection/etc... But maybe I could also add a mechanism to let each class defines it's own icon.

pay attention to speed :).
But yes I do not know how this is implemented right now.

If we all sit down and write decent comments then we will have both: a nicer system and sexy icons.
So for me the choice is clear. 

Focus on your exams :)

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