[Pharo-project] XMLRPC on 1.4 using Zinc

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Mar 8 03:57:02 EST 2012

> > Today I had some free time and tried and really was very simple to adapt the client to Zinc, I think is already working (need still to publish and adapt ConfigurationOf*).
> >
> > Now I'm studying a bit the server to adapt the code to ZnServer and eliminate Kom. Then xmlrpc could be also shipped in the image in case of interest.
> We do not need to ship with the image but having a good configuration published in MetacelloRepository would be definitively a plus.
> ok.
> About MetacelloRepository, will continue in Squeaksource? or will be moved to ss3?  I noted that some packages in ss3 include their own ConfigurationOf in the same repo than the packages.

For the moment it is on squeak source.


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