[Pharo-project] Mouse move and button down events

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Wed Mar 7 05:16:36 EST 2012


I have two embedded morphs: a parent and a child.

On the child I want to handle mouse down event,

Child>>handlesMouseDown: event

On parent I want to handle mouse down+move event:

There are not distinct handlesMouseMove, only
Parent>>handlesMouseDown: event

Now, events received by child handlesMouseDown are always
MouseButtonEvent, never MouveMoveEvent, so no chance to answer true or
false accordingly. I guess MouseButtonEvent is catched first, then other
mouseMove event discarded

What I want is the child to received clic events, but the parent move
events. It does not seem possible, am I wrong?

Dr. Geo -- http://www.drgeo.eu

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