[Pharo-project] Filesystem onDisk and inMemory are renamed in 1.4

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Tue Mar 6 08:22:54 EST 2012


Filesystem is part of the Pharo 1.4 image and the code resides in the
Pharo 1.4 repository.

Essentially, as Lukas pointed out, this is a fork. There is absolutely
nothing wrong with that, especially if you want to base the core on

However, the problem is what happens with the changes. Do they flow
back to the original author, or do you want to fork completely? Of
course, a collaboration requires at least two parties to work together
:), but it would still be cool to get the position clear.

Of course, some changes are internal and they have little impact on
the end user, but sometimes the public interface changes, too, and
that is more problematic. Case in point are the onDisk and inMemory
methods which were renamed to disk and memory, respectively. This
basically breaks any previous code that is using Filesystem. Is there
a particular reason for doing this (the original names seem perfectly
legitimate), or was it just a mistake?



"Every thing has its own flow"

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