[Pharo-project] pharo-seed and pharo

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Sat Mar 3 03:43:32 EST 2012

>>> It's not possible to turn 1.4000 into the current one by loading packages in one step.
>>> because there are lots of objects that need to be migrated... it's a living system.
>>> There was *a lot* of manual fiddling involved, even just from one step to the next.
>> but can we try and see :)

Another question: is this really the next thing to solve? 

There are two things:

	A) Building the image from a small kernel (where all of them are already at the same version: they in priciple fit together)
	B) Updating an image version X to X+1, or even X to X + 15, as fast as possible, with as little data as possible.

These are two different problems... just the result is the same... and one needs both. But B) is not "loading packages".


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