[Pharo-project] Polymorph

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Mar 3 03:14:23 EST 2012

> Just a heads up.
> I'll be making some time next week for reintegrating various fixes and improvements to mostly Polymorph related things.

> Whilst based on 1.4, it has been some time since I've updated my happily stable image and the changes have accumulated to be fairly extensive, all driven by business needs of course ;-) (no reason that nice stuff can be done in that remit!).

> The changes will hopefully not break anyone's parallel efforts, likely, though is going to be painful to resynchronise as the community has been doing plentiful excellent work in improvement.
> I humbly ask that fixes/changes to Morphic/Polymorph could be put on hold in terms of submissions whilst I integrate as a stable baseline will be necessary.

You take priority. :)

> I'll post again on the list next week as to when I start on the reintegration so I can hopefully get a clear few days of stability, along with letting you all know preliminary details of the effects of changes (won't know full repurcussions until analyzed).

You tell us and we can integrate as you want. 

> In addition to fixes etc. I can make available a couple of UI themes suitable for touchscreen devices (Android Gingerbread style basically, in HDPI and MDPI) and a few other goodies.

I want them :)

> Hopefully all for the better as discovered through using things to produce business applications.
> Videos to come based on the products we are developing with Pharo.

That too :)

> Regards, Gary
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