[Pharo-project] pharo-seed and pharo

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Fri Mar 2 04:06:02 EST 2012


I believe everyone agrees that one important goal in Pharo is to get
to a small code/kernel/seed. During the Pharo Sprint at Bern we saw
that the only reason for now having a unified image is just a
temporary convenience that stems from two things:
1. Until Pharo 1.3, the core team worked in the core image, and this
was frustrating because they were missing proper tools
2. After 1.3, building a pharo image out of a seed image was perceived
as being too long and not fitting for the process of integration

It's clear that the core team needs development tools. However, we
think that 2 can be actually quite cheap if the build starts from the
latest seed, and not from the original seed of 1.4 as it currently
seem to happen. If this would be fast, we could go back to having one
seed image (I call it seed just to avoid confusion and wrong feelings,
but you can call it anyway you want) out of which the Pharo
distribution (like the current image is) is built. The core team would
work on this distribution, and Jenkins would do the rest. By switching
the distribution build to work with the latest seed, we can probably
reduce the amount of build time to a couple of minutes (at least this
is what we saw during a couple of quick tests).

Regarding the flow of the integrator, we saw that actually, when
multiple changes need to be integrated, you can base the second change
on the image that already exists locally, without needing to wait
until Jenkins finishes.

I would be interested in providing help. So, what do you say?



"Every thing has its own flow"

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