[Pharo-project] [Bug Tracker] Issues tagged 1.3

Christoph Wysseier c.wysseier at netstyle.ch
Thu Mar 1 18:50:14 EST 2012

Dear Marcus,

Am 01.03.12 23:35, schrieb Marcus Denker:
>> I think this attitude is what will continue to hold Pharo back from wider
>> adoption. I've found 1.4 to be unusable for daily development. And yet
>> there's no interest in fixing problems in 1.3.
> There is. But we need to be reasonable... we can not back-port everything.
> Even fixing bugs changes the system so that it leads to incompatibility and new problems.

Personally, I am convinced that the Pharo core team is willing to 
support users with a stable environment which is in our case also 1.3. 
But I need to say that Pats statement sound familar to feedback I heard 
from my dev team too. Reading the comments of some issues and being one 
month on this list now I suppose the root of the problem to be 
completely on the layer of communication, nothing else. Actually we all 
"love smalltalk and pharo and really want to see it win and receive 
wider adoption" but IMHO this does not work as long as there are mutual 
recriminations and no appreciation. Let's get back to work together with 
united forces, with understanding for the counterpart, helpfulness and 
constructiveness! And fun will return for sure...

> We can not backport everything... especially as the amount of people looking
> at stuff is very small. yes, we should release more often...
> E.g. since I asked for help on 1.3 issues:
> 	http://code.google.com/p/pharo/issues/list?can=2&q=Milestone%3D1.3
> There was *no reaction at all*. Nothing. Zero.
> Sometimes I think we should just stop and do something else. This is clearly not working.

I understand your personal feelings very well but don't take it too 
seriously. You (and all other contributors too) are doing a great job 
and all of the users appreciate your work very much otherwise nobody 
would actually use Pharo at all. Keep it going!

We (to be more precise: Andrea) tried to deliver input for at #4617 and 
#5045 and will continue to support you too as much as we can. Just let 
us now how we can help you with additional input for this issue. We will 
definitely send you virtual flowers and offer some original Swiss 
chocolate if you find a way out of this problem... :)

Good night!


P.S: I don't intend to be instructive and I am aware it to be 
off-topic... just would like to help in the area where I am clearly 
better than as a Smalltalk developer.

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