[Pharo-project] [squeak-dev] can this be done via modification to the Squeak/Pharo IDE?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Mar 1 15:37:57 EST 2012

> now after i found time to watch this video, i can comment on it :)
> Strangely enough, but i was driven by the very same idea when i first
> found squeak and joined community.
> I imagined the scene with animation, like a bullet leaving the gun and
> flying towards its victim, and i wanted to give an
> artist/designer/engineer to
> be able to stop the scene at any moment, interact with objects, like
> inspect their properties, allow them to change the code and then
> continue again.
> What i seen in those days, that smalltalk is much more enabling
> environment for doing that, than anything else!
> And i still keep that idea in mind, every time i doing something, be
> it VM, FFI or Morphic or OpenGL or bug fixes..
> every single step gets me a bit closer to this.. even if i won't be
> able to work on this thing directly, i trying to push things in
> direction which would allow
> others to get to that point.

You are great enabler. COntinue.
Of course we want to do too much because this is exciting.
So let us check and focus on the fundamentals.

April will be a crazy month :)


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