[Pharo-project] Spoon presentation 2012-02-24

Guido Stepken gstepken at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:20:16 EST 2012

> You're not in supermarket. You are on pharo-development list.


Perhaps a auction might help, where Pharo users meet programmers. A
"feature wanted" as offer, Smalltalk programmers may secretly offer "their
implementation" for €$ (2nd lowest offer wins, see 'swiss auction') and as
soon the money is collected (open sponsor bid), the programmer is
contracted to implement.

Pharo group just helps implementing a bit, being as well payed, different
models may apply.

I have no problem to pay for features that i want to have implemented, but
i simply refuse to sponsor Pharo development, not knowing what for and when
it will be ready. With open bids for development (anonymous bids for
implementation) it will be fun for companies to continuously raise their
offer to see a feature implemented soon. The more important it is for their
business, the more and the quicker they spend. AND - its cheap, cause cost
divide up among investors.

There are lots of companies waiting, who - rather sooner as later - would
leave commercial platforms costing them several hundred bucks a year per
client. But as long as the Pharo group does not offer them a instrument to
steer and control Pharo development, nothing will happen.

Develop the development process!

regards, Guido Stepken
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