[Pharo-project] Spoon presentation 2012-02-24

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Thu Mar 1 02:38:16 EST 2012

On 3/1/12 12:29 AM, Guido Stepken wrote:
> People like 1-klick Images ... Setup.exe ... No raw ZIP file, no 
> additional installation of unzip, no shell, no "cd" no ".bat"
> If you want to really make people try software, make it as 
> comfortable, as possible for them. Even the 1-klick-Image of Pharo is 
> no such one, its a 7 or 8 mousklick Image. When it is advertised as 
> 1-klick, i expect that to be "one klick" if it is advertized "stable" 
> i expect that to be stable, rockstable! Damn! "No half way things!". 
> Lasy attitude by the programmer directly shows up in the install routine.
It is certainly true that more people are willing to try a package if it 
is easier to install, but it is a chicken and egg thing:  developers 
underestimate how difficult it is for others to work with what they have 
done (since they've been working on it for months or even years), and 
without feedback from people who have actually tried to get something to 
work, developers have a hard time making things easier for everyone else.


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