[Pharo-project] Spoon presentation 2012-02-24

Guido Stepken gstepken at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 1 02:29:03 EST 2012

People like 1-klick Images ... Setup.exe ... No raw ZIP file, no additional
installation of unzip, no shell, no "cd" no ".bat"

If you want to really make people try software, make it as comfortable, as
possible for them. Even the 1-klick-Image of Pharo is no such one, its a 7
or 8 mousklick Image. When it is advertised as 1-klick, i expect that to be
"one klick" if it is advertized "stable" i expect that to be stable,
rockstable! Damn! "No half way things!". Lasy attitude by the programmer
directly shows up in the install routine.

When i see such a lousy packed piece of software i just expect crap quality
in it, sorry!

Take EToys Setup.exe, replace the image, re-sfx again. Is it so hard???
Same with Pharo.

Tnx 4 understanding, Guido Stepken
Am 01.03.2012 05:42 schrieb "Craig Latta" <craig at netjam.org>:

> > No, meant: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15188004/spoon
> > /Spoon%203%20alpha%203.zip
>     That's a standard "all-in-one" Squeak release, the bits for all
> platforms are there.
> -C
> --
> Craig Latta
> www.netjam.org/resume
> +31 6 2757 7177
> + 1 415 287 3547
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