[Pharo-project] **IMPORTANT** MUST READ: Pharo Association and Consortium

Herve Verjus herve.verjus at univ-savoie.fr
Sat Jun 30 06:46:08 EDT 2012

Hi All,

thank you Stef for this piece of information.

I will subscribe as individual member.

Let's say, you're doing a good job, I enjoy a lot using Pharo, that 
let's me permit do/use funny and usefull things, teaching students, make 
some research software prototypes, etc.
I have to say I would probably not succeed in convincing my university 
staff to subscribe to the consortium. I personnaly vote for that, I will 
try and will do my best but I'am not optimistic :-(
I understand that the fees are intended for enterprises or organizations 
that aim to make business arround and/or with Pharo. I and my lab are 
not in such a perspective. Maybe I would succeed in convincing IAE 
director for some hundred euros for supporting your work...not for 1000 
or more. Nevertheless, I will try.

All the best,


On 28/06/12 14:19, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> Dear Pharoers and Smalltalkers
> This mail is really important so read it carefully. Especially the last part of the mail is important for the
> immediate future: we need your support and input. Read section ***Support*** at the end of this mail.
> Context
> =======
> After taking into account feedback from companies and pharo users in different occasions and
> discussing with the INRIA lawyers and the team in charge of the administrative aspect of the consoritum
> here is the setup we finally want for the consortium. We will have two separated entities:
> 	- one french law 1901 association for individuals and
> 	- one consortium for institutions (companies, research groups, laboratories, universities...) managed by INRIA
> We hope that in the long run the consortium will be fully managed by the association
> but in the current bootstrap phase INRIA is a good solution.
> ==============
> The Pharo Association
> ==============
> The goal of the association is to promote Pharo. It will have its own web site.
> 	Individual Memberships (managed by the Pharo Association)
> 	----------------------
> 	There are two individual memberships
> 		- Individual Pharo Association Member: Yearly fee 40 Euros
> 		- Golden Individual Pharo Association Member: Yearly fee 99 Euros
> 	You will get
> 		a nice goody,
> 		reduction access to conferences,
> 		reduction for training and access to teaching material,
> 		be part of the pharo groups on social networks,
> 		be part of the pharoAssociation-individual-members mailing-list,
> 		get access and registered to the pharo association web site.
> 	Others (managed by the Pharo Association)
> 	----------------------
> 	The association will be able to issues bills so you will be able to buy a Pharo distribution
> 	when your organization cannot be a member, a sponsor or doing a donation to the Pharo consortium.
> End of Pharo Association Description
> ===========================
> The Pharo Consortium (managed by INRIA)
> ===========================
> The goal of the consortium is to structure and build an umbrella to foster business around Pharo and to promote Pharo.
> A company, user group, research group, team or institution can be a consortium member, not individual member.
> There are three levels of fees and corresponding benefits. You decide your degree of support.
> The annual fees are
> 	- Bronze 		1000 	Euros
> 	- Silver 		2000 	Euros
> 	- Gold		4000 	Euros
> 	Consortium members main advantages are
> 	----------------------------------------
> 	Non individual members of the consortium get the following advantages:
> 		- privileged access to the core development team via a specific mailing-list
> 			pharo-core-team-for-members at lists.gforge.inria.fr
> 		- influence priorities of the next development. The member will be able to propose
> 		agenda points and items for the executive team. They will be requested one month in
> 		advance before the committee meeting.
> 		- get access to privileged core engineer time (to address pharo core problems)
> 			- Bronze member gets
> 					one day of engineering time
> 					+ is automatically a diamond sponsor.
> 			- Silver
> 					+ two days of engineering time
> 					+ one job description for job dashboard
> 					+ is automatically a diamond sponsor..
> 			- Gold four
> 					+ 4 days of engineering time
> 					+ multiple job description for job dashboard
> 					+ is automatically a diamond sponsor.
> 		- Training special prices and possibility to become pharo trainer
> 		- Pharo consortium member can also ask and pay for extra support days at INRIA engineer prices (around 600 Euros) per day.
> 		- Member can offer to their client access to the possibility to pay for extra support days at INRIA engineer prices (around 600 Euros) per day.
> 		- The core team can provide contact with experts for certain areas of development.
> 	Pharo Consortium Gouvernance: steering committee
> 	----------------------------------------
> 	The consortium will be managed as follows: There will be a steering committee and an Executive Team.
> 		* A steering committee is composed of one representative of each member (except individuals).
> 		* The chairman of this committee will be Inria
> 		* Steering Committee Role :
> 			- The Steering Committee follows the execution of the PHARO R&D Team
> 			- It validates and gives input about the task list of the Executive Team.
> 			- It can propose members of the executive team.
> 			- It prepares, organizes conferences, seminars or other animations to promote PHARO and have new members
> 			- It revises the annual fee
> 		* Decisions taking: after consultation and collect of representative member points of views, Inria takes the final decision.
> 		* The steering committee will communicate via a private mailing-list. It may meet physical once a year.
> 		* An agenda to reach conclusion will be established by Inria on proposals of the members (the members will be queried a month in advance).
> 	Technical Executive Committee (akaR&D task)
> 	----------------------------------------
> 		* The Executive Team is composed of members proposed by the steering board and RMOD Team
> 		* Its roles is to
> 			* Study, analyze and validate external contributions for PHARO
> 			* Report to the steering committee
> 			* Present a task list to the steering committee.
> 			* Propose, schedule and implement tasks in conformance with the tasks list.
> 			* Coordinate the release Pharo and its VMs
> 	Pharo consortium Sponsoring	
> 	---------------------------
> 		Orthogonally to memberships, an entity can be a sponsor of the consortium without being a pharo consortium member.
> 		Pharo consortium are de factor platinium sponsor. Sponsors will get their logos name exposed to the consortium web site.
> 		There are two kinds of sponsors:
> 			- normal 500 Euros
> 			- diamond 1000 Euros
> 	Job board
> 	---------
> 		Non consortium member companies will be able to pay a fee (1000 Euros) to post job offers to the job board.
> End of Pharo Consortium Description
> =====================
> *** Support and Answer needed***
> =====================
> To be able to pay an engineer by the consortium, INRIA needs to make projection, build budget, pay attention to visa
> and other important administrative tasks. To deal with the risk that the consortium may not collect enough to pay a full salary
> we are considering to ask INRIA to help us financially. To do so we have to give some concrete figures to
> INRIA and motivate our request. In addition, our team (RMOD) on its own budget will try to compensate by allocating extra resources
> However, this will be only a one shot. In addition, some of our team members have been approached by google to work on chrome and dart
> Virtual Machines. So if we really get a future we should build it now.
> Many of you told us that they want to support the consortium, now we need to know what would be amount of membership, sponsoring
> you could give. So please read carefully this mail and send us a mail at stephane.ducasse at inria.fr with the same subject than this one.
> We will collect the information and build a case to present to INRIA.
> Thanks in advance for Pharo and for the future that we are building together.
> The RMOD team and the Pharo board

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